Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crazy day 1/14/2012

OK, im so overwhelmed with my blog right now .

First: Trying to find a blog layout/style that i can be 100% happy with , So my blog will be Under Construction until further notice.

Second: I finally started working on my 2nd blog , which i call Sanity (pretty clever eh) and Sanity will be the sister blog to Insanity. (See how they go together , like two peas in a pod hehe) Please check out Sanity , to see what the blog is all about!

Third: im still recovering from the worry that my main blog Insanity was messed up forever, but Insanity seems to be working fine for right now

Ah so much to do and think about ....i must take one thing at a time...deep breaths

But enough with my blog problems , it's time to talk about what i did today. I drove today o.0 because it's been a while since i last drove and i really need the practice.

(don't worry my pop was in the car with me....if he wasn't ..i would most likely be dead right now...I FAIL at driving sometimes...other times im really good. Today  wasn't my day to drive) 

I even drove a lil in the dark , which i didn't like  because the road was  even more hard to see , then with the sun in my eyes...AND that's saying something !

 But this afternoon me and my Pops went to see the Devil Inside which was good but wasn't the best exorcism  movie i've seen. So that was my day , im still feeling full from all the popcorn lol.

                                                                     By Reina
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