Sunday, January 15, 2012

Girls Bravo Review 1/15/2012

Ok i think blogger has a bug again , because it's saying i have 1166 pageviews in from like 970 pageviews in one day WTf. How the hell did that happen. Well anyway i know its a bug because the web counter on my blog  will tell me the right amount of pageviews that i have!

Well anyway , Today i have another Anime Review for you

 Girls Bravo

Summary: Yukinari is a boy who breaks out in a rash whenever  a girl touchs him, because of this he becomes scared of women. But what happens when one day he gets transported to Seiren , a world full with women ..and little men. There he meets Miharu the only girl who dos'nt make him break out in a rash! Soon Yukinari and Miharu start to live together , and as the series goes on ...more interesting characters show up.


Girls Bravo (Geneon) Trailer

Video Clip:

Girls Bravo ep1 pt2

Number of Seasons : 2

Seasons: Girls bravo: first season
               Girls bravo: Second Season

Total eps : 20

Overall storyline : 2/5

Animation Quality: 2/5

Characters Personalty's : 4/5

Voice acting: 2/5

Genres: Comedy , Ecchi , Romance

Rating: R+ Mild Nudity

Website to watch :

Place to buy: BestBuy

                                            By Reina
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