Saturday, August 11, 2012

I Got on the Deans List 8/11/2012

Guess what guys , guess what came in the mail for me from my school . Dont have a clue ? well let my show you !

     Ya i cant believe it either but i got on the Deans list ! Im so proud of myself for getting to this achievement in my schooling career. Over my college years so far i've worked hard to get to this point , sorta like a rags to riches story.

 Ya see in my first year/first semester i was majoring in computer science because i thought that was were i would learn about video editing ...but man was i wrong. So for my whole first semester i was taking these really hard, for me, classes and my grades were just horrid Cs, Ds and an F in math ..but that was the teacher's fault because he did'nt know how to teach. Anywho moving along , so after my first semester ended i changed my major to computer graphics and ever since then my grades have been improving greatly. In fact this past semester i got mostly A, and Bs except for one C in English.


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