Friday, August 10, 2012

Working during a storm 8/10/2012

Tell me how i had to be stuck at work during a storm . Ya its true . When i clocked into work today it was only light rain but then after  about a half hour or so it started to downpour. Lucky i was at the front gate , with a few admissions people,  under a roof for cover .
The rain was crazy coming down like cats and dogs .  Yo get this , we stayed open  through the storm only because we had a 1000 people , in groups, scheduled to come into the park today.  This made me have a conflicting mood ..because of the storm i wished/hope they would close the park yet at the same time i didn't want to go home so early because i wanted to get my hours in , ya know?

Anyhow the storm passed and we were able to stay open and today i got sent home slightly early from my schedule time which i cant really complain with . Ya see i was supposed to be at work till 3:30 but my supervisor signed me out at 3:12 for some unknown reason, but its cool with me least i got my hours in.

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