Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I have NO Cable 9/25/2012

Hey ya'll , i've been busy as usual , but now i wont be that busy anymore since im unemployed . Yes my seasonal job as a security guard as finally come to an end , and although i dont have a job no more im very happy that i don't have to work that job any more sheez.

Day 2-Still no cable
Why no cable , why you asking me like i know for . Yesterday morning i came down to find our Xfinitiy Explorer Set top box had dotted lines where it usually shows the time and a message saying "Your Explorer SetBox is NOT authorized for use" ! Not Authorized what the fuck are they talking , the damn cable was working just fine the night before . Smh.

Mood: Tired
Feeling: Fine
Weather: Clear
Place: Home
Music: None


  1. Ha ha..good to know that, so blog more while you're lazy tired and bored at home, that will be great!

    1. @Dark Angel , ya i'll try to blog more :)


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