Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Money Promblems 9/25/2012

My Head, my head , oh how its getting twisted . My brain aches with confusion and tension yet all i have to do is take a deep breath , slow down, and focus. So much is happening in my home life that i cant really process it . The culprit  is no other than the ruler of the world : MONEY !! Seems like my home life is going downhill all because of money problems. What makes it worse is that im back to being unemployed .

   So i cant really help around the house , i mean i've been helping to buy food for the house and stuff but thats about it ..but i'll have stop spending my money or it'll run out and i have my cell phone bill to pay .  Lately the car's battery has been acting up and dying , i wanna help buy a new battery ...but i just dont have the extra money to spare . Also we need ink cartidages and Norton anti-virus software..if only i had the money to help out ..i dont know what to do and its stressing me out.

   I get asked for my money to help pay for gas and other things but i always go through changes about giving out my money because i dont have an income anymore. Do you think its wrong of me to want to keep all my money to myself...or do you think i should give it all away till im broke? 

Mood: tired/content
Feeling: confused
Weather: Clear night time sky
Music: Super Junior-HARU
Place: Home

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