Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Simple Sandwich Time 10/3/2012

 Today my Subscribers i will teach you how to make one hell of a "Simple Sandwich".

Simple Sandwich-A sandwich you make with a few basic ingredients found in your house.

Now you dont have to follow the way i make mine this is just how i make a sandwich its nothing fancy but yours can be if you like.

1st Step  :
Toast 2 pieces your favorite type of bread and put your dressing/sauce on it .
(I put Miracle Whip on mine , and alot of it ) 

2nd Step:
   Add your favorite meats.
    (I used Oscar Mayer Deli Selects Honey Smoked Chicken)

3rd Step:
  Add your veggies! and your 2nd piece of toast with extra dressing!
  (I just put lettuce  and Tomato on mine)

4th Step:
Now cut your sandwich in half for easier eating

Final Step:

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